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We create Uroboro with the aim to produce stunning, intricate animal and creature sculptures to enjoy and collect.


The Uroboro seal is an ancient symbol of perfection, universal energy and circularity of the infinite process of creation in life.

The process begins for us with the artistic vision who gets traslate in a 2d image to became a real tridimensional object taking life itself, fascinating with tiny details and personality and signed one by one by their creators.


We open our first collection with two fantastical creatures the NOUMENON and THANATOS, respectively the good and the evil dragon.

From the earliest beginnings of humankind to modern times, mythical creatures have caused fear, provided entertainment, and heightened curiosity. Dragons have been part of the culture and legends of countries around the world as a powerfull symbol in every culture.

Uroboro offers an exquisite collection of statues and sculptures idolizing these fascinating creatures.


Visit our shop page if you want to know more.


Want to hold one of your digital creations in the palm of your hand? Uroboro turns your own design into a 3D design model and digital prototype finalised and ready for the 3D printing process. To know how, contact us at  

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